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We Here at CRAZY 8 SPINNIN WINN ENT. Prides ourselves on our relationship with A&R LIVE. We are working hard with A&R LIVE to bring them the best of the best in the entertainment industry. The Industry as we know it has changed from actually having talent to having no talent at all. Now it is if you have a half decent voice and have sex appeal you are signed. Lets face it sex sells this has been the way since the beginning of time. Being that said we here at CRAZY 8 SPINNIN WINN ENT. are looking to change that by taking everything back to the roots of where music began by finding RAW and original talent that diamond in the rough without the synthesizer and the effects. We are searching for Originality, Image, Productivity, Longevity, and Marketability if you feel that you are that DIAMOND in the rough then submit your music to us and be heard. If you need help putting together your promotional package we can help give us a call or email us. You could have your video posted hear for review and have us to look at it before you present it to our A&R Department. So let us sign you up today and go to work for you on helping you to get that record deal.


Hear the vocal melodies of Ronnie Spencer the man behind the music.

Featured on the number Platinum Album One performed by the multi platinum artist Pimp-C may he R.I.L and Bun- B, Ronnie went on to perform with other well known artist's such as DJ Screw, and Big Hawk may you R.I.L just to name a few.

With a voice so many are familiar with but often confuse with Ronald Isley, Ronnie Spencer has not gotten his just due. So know we have him and here he is in the flesh with new songs and a new style. Ronnie Spencer is about to blow up in the Industry. To set    up Interviews o for booking Information contact Crazy 8 Spinninin Winn Entertainment @ 281-766-4318. And for all you supporters of Ronnie Spencer please click CRAZY 8 SPINNIN WINN ENT. GET HEARD to be taken to our groups page and post your blog and support for Ronnie Spencer, THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSIC.

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Listen to the melodic sounds of Ronnetta Spencer as She sings Take a Bow by Rihanna she makes this sounds better than the real thing.











Ronnetta singing Beyonce "Listen".

This rising star is definately a diamond in the rough. This is with out sythisizers and touch ups this is life. Look out world Here comes Ronnetta Spencer.








Tow Down Feat. Ronnetta Spencer- Rich Girl.

Even at a  young age this young starlet was recognized in the in the Industry. But her career was short lived by the incarceration of her father Ronnie Spencer. But Know that Ronnie has been released and is with Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Entertainment We are going to take him and this young starlet to new heights. Just have a listen.








Big Moe Feat. Ronnetta Spencer- Barre Baby.

Even at the age of 6yrs old Big Moe saw the talent of this young starlet and just had to have her singing the hook on this track. Who would have think that after so many years that Ronnetta would be back on the scene with her own solo album 11yrs later. Be on the look out for her. R.I.L Big Moe You are Missed.

Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Ent.Would like to Introduce Ronnetta Spencer singing the National Anthem a Her School. She is defintely going places. With the help and guidance from her father Ronnie Spencer, she is definately going to be the next Star in the Hip Hop, And R&B Industry be on the look out for this rising star. 

Once again Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Ent. Has done it again. While our team was out scouting for talent we ran across this diamond buried deep in the coal mines of the streets of Cleveland Texas. Born in Conroe Texas and raised in the streets of Cleveland Texas, James Edwards better known to all in the streets as Herky has earned his street creditability as that TRU NIGGA, With Tru Street Code Values. We had the liberty to Interview to get his story. This is a guy who is going to go straight to the top. With out measure he is a Tru Gangsta Rapper with Lyrics far surpass our generation. Check out his story here and see why this guy is going to be the king of the South. Step aside T.I there's a new Gangsta in town and his name is Herky. Click HERE for Interview