We had a chance to catch up with James Edwards better know to all as the Infamous HERKY, and obtain this interview with him. This interview was based on the life and struggles that James HERKY Edwards had to over come and become the man that he is today. From growing up in the streets to prison, HERKY never changed who he was as a person and as a leader amongst  his peers.  So read on and see what the streets of Cleveland, Texas has brought forth to this Nation, HERKY.  A True Gangsta that stand strong on all points believe in Growth and Development.

Crazy8(Scorpio): Thank you for meeting with us today. First why don't we start off by asking you are you native of Texas?

Herky: Yes i am. I was born in Conroe. TX and raised in Cleveland, TX.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Tell us how was it for you as a child growing up in the streets of Cleveland, TX.

Herky: Well you see "G", From the beginning it was rough. We lived in a used sigle-wide trailer home. At a young age hanging around Clevelands known local Mob Figures like Jack Pillot, B.C., Hambone, Frankie Dee, George Eddie and Mr. L.T. Sewell's Bootlegging and gambling shakes. I was into trouble at an early age, from stealing bikes, cars and trucks to stealing out of Wal-Mart and Brookeshire Bros and selling the stolen goods in school.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Where does the name Herky comes from?

Herky: The name Herky was given to me by my Auntie Mune (who was widely respected in the streets.) I was given this name by her at an infants age, shot for HERCULES>

Crazy8 (Scorpio): When you was out there doing all this did you think about the possibility of getting caught. And what of your brother and sisters what did they think of you doing all this.

Herky: Its like this "G". My sister's liked Barbie Dolls, so for Christmas I Stole the whole Barbie Set for them. I couldn't see them waking up that morning and them not having anything under that all plastic Christmas Tree. A run in with the police was imminent. Soon i was getting arrested for petty offenses And as far as my sisters was concerned they was straight the didn't care where the presents came from but they knew that it didn't come from some Punk A#% Santa Clause that didn't exist.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): So was this how you was gaining your Street Rep?

Herky: No. I quickly started gaining a fast rising Street Rep under the guidance of B.C. Simpson an extremely violent, loving, intelligent charismatic street Mob Figure feared immensely in the streets. I put my heart into doing dirt and went to work. Armed with pistols, razors, bats, knifes I began backing niggas down making them respect my "G". Gassed up from my mentor Simpson, A quick whistle i would lock down on anybody that stood in the way of progress like a rabid pit.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Doing this time of you building your street rep were you still living at home?

Herky: NO. I locked down an apartment at Ms. Rachels establishments.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Did you ever think about anybody coming up into your house and trying to take what you have?

Herky: No not at all. During this time the streets the wolves ran starving and rabid, yet never starving or foolish enough to run up in my sh%t knowing Got Damn well it was a life for a life.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): You had mention to one of our producers that you was accused of attempted Murder. Care to talk about this a little?

Herky: Yeah alright this is what happen. Once while i was out on furlough from work release in Liberty County for a probation violation. I was accused for attempted murder for a shoot out at the local hospital down the street from the police station stemming from an incident at a party at Stancil Park in Cleveland, TX. Subsequently landing me back in the County for an extended sentence. So finally through the tough diligent litigation of Charles Freeman I was finally given a bond and I hit the streets. Years later the case was dropped.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Lets change things up for a second.

Herky : Alright then

Crazy8 (Scorpio): At what point did you found you were interested in music?

Herky: I started dabbling with music early on. I started out DJing at local Parties around the way. To writing to B-side instrumentals about my daily personal experiences. My older brother Pedie had a house studio so BOSS Bones started recording mix tapes and gave them to partnas in the streets of Cleveland. Once I obtaining their approval I continued to write.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): So Herky after beating the attempted murder what was your focus.

Herky: I tried to focus on my music once i got home from jail. But then my daughter Chanice was born it made things Urgent so I hit the streets again stealing Cars and Vans taking the seats, tires and radios to the chop shop, while selling petty rocks in the streets. 

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Did you ever get a chance to do any shows.

Herky: Yeah I started doing local shows at the local night spots in Cleveland and eventually put together a crew.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): What happen between you and the group.

Herky: Did nothing happen between me and the group. I was arrested for the van seats and an indictment for distribution was handed down on me. I went to the State Penitentiary (Garza West, Lopez Unit, and Mineral Wells) where I hooked up with my B.O.S Family due to my early blessings.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): So When you was released did you go back to doing music right away?

Herky: Yeah after doing my time respectfully I came back to the streets and got right on the local music scene through one of my original crew members Solo and Smokie. I was hooked up with a local kat from Cleveland who was starting an Indie Label Called Slab Entertainment.  Along with my Lil partnas the Loot Heads. We put out a compilation album called Slab Click Militia Str8 Slabbin. We did a couple of shows in Houston, Huntsville, and in Livingston TX.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): So while you was doing all this where was the money coming from to fund these endeavors?

Herky: Don't get it twisted "G" I was still hustling in the streets, getting involved in beefs for with up and coming niggas who before I left who was the man then, who didn't take lightly me being back establishing myself back on the scene So more soot outs and hood clashes came.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): During these shoot outs did the law arrest anybody?

Herky: Cleveland Police diligently sought to indict me some way and after an illegal search and seizure. Seeing that they couldn't prosecute me legally in the state, a zealous Detective (Harry Kelly) got the  Feds to prosecute me illegally.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Why did this Detective had it out for you?

Herky: That Ignant Mother F%#@r said that I was a thorn in his side. So I was sent to Federal Prison for 10yrs and 10mo's at Beaumont Medium where I stayed until I had to deal with State Delivery detainer's in Liberty County.  I spent the remainder of my sentence at Beaumont Low where alot of coward ass rats roam. 


Crazy8 (Scorpio): How Much of the 10yrs you had to do? They say that doing time in the Feds is day for day.

Herky: Yeah "G" doing time in the feds is day for day. I received a 2 point level reduction for the crack law which took twenty months off of my sentence. I did 7.5yrs respectively.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): Tell us what is on Herky's mind?

Herky: Well now that I am back home now with music on my mind. The Industry is lacking substance and thats what I am about to bring back to the Game. Alot of these dudes  remind me of those no good niggas at Beaumont Low. I'm what these so called street niggas rap about.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): I understand that you have an opinion of certain rap artist in the Industry care to speak on this?

Herky: Yeah well you know "G" I did years behind the things that i did. I payed my dues like a real "G". They let that B%#@ch nigga T>I get away with that snitching shit. I'm going to expose him for the b%#@ch nigga he is and any other Industry nigga just like him. I'm bringing a new order to the Industry. Jay Z predicted the rise of my movement in a Vibe Magazine interview.

Crazy8 (Scorpio) What other artists you would like to work with given the chance?

Herkey: The list is long on this but the artists that I would love to collaborate with is: Plies, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, BunB, Juvenile, B.G, Kanye West, Naz, Twista, Ludacris, Mystikal, Ice Cube, Fabolous, J-Dawg, ZRO, Trae The Truth, Street Military, Scar Face, Willie D, Fifth Ward Boyz, Webbie, Boosie, Trick Daddy, Young Jeezy, Papoose and Swizz Beats.

Crazy8 (Scorpio): In closing tell us who Herky really is?

Herky: My name is BOSS Bones Da Don. My rap style is passionate, full of life and energy. My lyrical content is filled with substance on a conscious, political, street, and party level. I am one GD who stands along, standing strong on all points bringing this MOB shit to the Industry. Bringing the tru street niggas back to the fore front. That nigga T.I says that he is the king of the South, well there is only one Tru king of the South and i am him. I will wear the Crown.

                                                                                BOSS BONES