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Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Entertainment works daily and diligently to deliver the highest quality of service and support, while providing access to a wide array of auditions and casting calls, specifically tailored to each member's needs. Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Entertainment (C8SWE) is constantly working to find better ways to serve the best interest of our members. From the latest technology designed specifically to connect the nation's top casting directors with our members, to our proprietary software designed to make the submission process as easy as possible, Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Entertainment is constantly  improving so our members find the success they deserve.

Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Entertainment is committed to helping our members find work all across the US and abroad. We also know that our services save members valuable time and money, which helps them focus on their careers. We spend countless hours per week checking, sorting, and preparing casting information for our members. We also have a full-time customer service team available to our members by phone, which allows Crazy 8 Spinnin Winn Entertainment to provide the most personal service possible. We will continue to work tirelessly so each of our members receives the attention and tools they need to succeed.

What we have to offer:

Personal Webpage
Have your own presence on the Internet. Promote yourself on the world wide web!                                                                                                                                                      This will be your storefront to the acting and modeling world. Casting directors, agents, photographers, prospective clients, friends, and family will be able to access you on the web. Your own domain name: Create a web site that carries your own name! Give out your business cards and promotional material telling people how to find you on the web - as well as a link with any e-mail you send.

Email your profile (headshot & resume) anywhere
Are you trying to promote yourself over the Internet? Are you trying to submit yourself for castings and auditions e-mail? This is the perfect way to impress all those who are receiving your e-mails. Don't just e-mail a head shot and spend time looking for files and attachments. This is the easiest fastest way for you to promote yourself.

Free photo scanning
Don't have digital images of yourself? No worries! Mail your photos to us and we will scan and post them for you for FREE.

Professional Photo Retouching / Refinishing
Each high-resolution, professional image submitted will be reviewed by a professional graphic artist to correct image defects such as blemishes, shadows, and contrast. The end result will provide a highly professional image for your website which increases your overall exposure.

Express Photo Approval
With a Gold Account, your photos will receive expedited retouching service for faster access to casting directors.

Access Thousands of acting and modeling opportunities
As a Gold member, you will have an access to Thousands of acting and modeling opportunities nationwide.

Casting Submissions
As a Gold member, our team of in-house submission reps and computer systems will constantly look for the castings that are right for you and submit you to the various casting directors interested in you.

Submission to Search Engines
Visitors to your Web page come from search engines and directories, and helps you generate the visibility you need online! FACT: 85% of all traffic to Web sites and 70%* of all online purchases originate from a search engine or directory (like Google, Yahoo, or MSN). We will optimize and submit your web page to major search engines for free (this is an annual $100 value!)

100 Business cards with your color photo and contact information - $80 value!
Want to be even more visible? Want to impress when you present yourself to new people or jobs? With your professional package you'll get full color business cards featuring your photo, your name, contact information and your direct web site address. Leave a memorable impression on the people you present yourself.

Priority talent listing
All Gold member profiles appear on the top of the talent search so that when casting directors or agents are searching for talent, Gold member portfolios appear first. This significantly increases the Gold Members chance to be contacted for auditions

Get SMS audition notifications to your cell-phone
Get SMS (Short Message Service) Messages sent to your cell-phone - a $240 year value! With the SMS feature, casting notices will be sent to your cell phone so you can be immediately notified when casting auditions are available for you